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Thin Brick Column Covers and Spandrel Panels
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For further information please contact us:
Corporate Mailing and Sales Office
180 South Lake Ave, Suite 205
Pasadena CA 91101
Tel: (818) 606-4703

Pre-cast concrete fabricators located nationwide!

Asia Pacific Region (Australia / China)

金岩 Yan Jin
项目经理 Project Manager
KingBuilt Modular Building Technology Pty Ltd
84 Wedgewood Road
Hallam, Victoria 3804
Ph: +613 97936351
Mobile: +61 4 17788331 中国手机:13009336626

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• Engineering and Shop Drawings
Precast Concrete Walls (Sound and Fire-Rated)
Architectural Precast Concrete Walls
• Demising Walls
• Structural Concrete Floor System
Cladding and Spandrel Panels
• Component Sales
• Technology Transfer - Site-Cast
• Technical Assistance
• MSC Technology Licensing
• International Sales
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Metal Stud Crete Offers the following architectural precast concrete wall systems: