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Fire Ratings
One and Two Hour Rated Assemblies
Fire Ratings of MSC Assemblies

The International Building Code Chapter 7 Sections 720 onward provides information for determining the fire resistance hourly ratings of conventional construction materials and assemblies, by calculation. This component additive method is considered by building officials when determining a fire rating for the assemblies from the concrete thickness, steel stud depth, insulation and gypsum components. Refer to the following tables;

Insulation Materials
Table 720.1(1) IBC 2009 or Table 721.1 (1) IBC 2012

Walls and Partitions
Table 720.1(2) IBC 2009 or Table 721.1 (2) IBC 2012

Floor and Roof Systems
Table 720.1(3) IBC 2009 or Table 721.1 (3) IBC 2012

Equivalent Concrete Thickness
Table 721.2.1 IBC 2009 or Table 722.2.1.1 IBC 2012

Assembly Ratings

Letters from a Fire Testing Consultant can be obtained for specific projects. Examples of one and two hour ratings can be viewed by clicking on:

  1. One Hour Assembly
  2. Two Hour Assembly
  3. Four Hour Assembly
    Achieved by Field Application of WR Grace
    Monokot - MK-6/HY,Z-106 or Z-146







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