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Site-cast Panels
Framed & Insulated Pre-cast Panels
Framed and Insulated Concrete Wall Panels

With 33% of energy loss in the U.S. occurring through heating, cooling and operating commercial buildings, government and private efforts to stem this loss have been calling for more energy efficient building systems. The ASHRAE 90.1 2007 and the IECC 2009, 2012 and 2015 energy codes call for continuous insulation to reduce thermal bridging when pre cast is connected to another superstructure.

The Metal Stud Crete Insulated Pre Cast panel system is your  best choice for commercial projects that require greater energy efficiency, to meet or exceed the IECC building code. The Framed and Insulated Pre-cast Panel System provides a unique union of technologies that together are  superior to conventional systems.

Each pre-cast panel is a combination of a thermally resistant open web steel stud and a Metal Stud Crete connector that separates the framing from the pre-cast concrete when spray on foam insulation is continuously applied to the inside of the panel. The insulation then flows between the concrete and the framing, and through the openings in the studs to create a thermal break. This panel assembly uniquely combines steel stud framing, insulation, and pre-cast concrete into a cladding system for use as a building enclosure . Each panel is pre-cast and cured in a factory environment for consistent dimensional accuracy, finish uniformity and exceptional quality control.

Attributes of the Framed & Insulated Pre-cast System:

  • Meets IECC 2015 requirement
  • Framing, insulation and cladding in one step
  • Ideal for building types that require finished interiors and superior energy efficiency
  • Uses 65% less concrete. Thickness can be adjusted based on design requirements
  • Specified in any color or texture
  • Open cavity for easy installation of mechanicals
  • Pre-framed panels increases floor area by eliminating furring
  • Designed and engineered for the project
  • Lighter dead loads reduce structural design requirements
  • Pre-finished exterior with cladding of choice
  • Steel stud ready for drywall
  • Produced in precast plants nation-wide
Project Photo (Framed & Insulated Pre-cast Panels)
Framed and Insulated Pre-cast Panels
Framed & Insulated Pre-cast Panel
Framed and Insulated Pre-cast Panels
Framed & Insulated Pre-cast Panel
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