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LEED Credits Construction
Lighter weight MSC panels offer many advantages to building owners
LEED® Credits
The LEED® rating system of the U. S. Green Building Council awards points for performance in green design categories. Lighter weight Metal Stud Crete® (MSC) panels, may contribute toward achieving additional LEED® points affecting a higher certification level. Four categories have been identified where MSC panels may help contribute toward LEED® credits.
Materials & Resources
Recycled Content MR 4.0
Steel studs, MSC connectors and reinforcing mesh contain between 30.47% and 80% recycled content, 23.5% to 30% post consumer scrap, 6.4% to 70% pre consumer scrap (depending on the steel manufacturer). Concrete may contain fly ash when required.

Regional Materials MR 5.0
Cement, sand, aggregates, and steel studs are locally extracted materials. MSC panels are fabricated on the job site or in a plant within 500 miles of the project in the USA.
Energy & Atmosphere
Optimize energy performance
Steel stud cavities may be insulated with various insulation products. Exterior joints are backer rod and caulked. Foil faced insulation board installed on the interior decreases inside air flow and thermal transfer, optimizing energy performance.
Innovation & Design Process

Provides design teams and projects the opportunity to be awarded points for exceptional performances above the requirements set by the LEED® Green Building Rating System™ and/or innovative performance in green building categories not specifically addressed by LEED®.

Exceptional Performance

    65% less cement, sand, aggregates and reinforcing steel.
    Lighter weight panels reduce the dead load on the foundation and structural system which may allow for reduction in the size of structural components.

Innovative Performance

  • CO2 emissions prevalent during pouring of concrete are reduced by 65%.
  • Transporting double the number of panels per load reduces the number of loads required by 50% and thus decreases air pollution, fuel consumption, tire and road wear accordingly.
  • Reduction in crane size has a similar decrease in environmental impacts.
  • Cutting life cycle cost with high strength concrete provides for a durable long lasting and low maintenance exterior building enclosure.
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