Project type

Wigman Skilled Nursing

30’ tall 25’ wide MSC panels were site cast using a brick form liner pattern. The panels were attached to a PEMB structural steel frame.

Corporate Center

MSC panels are used as Load Bearing ‘Shear Walls, eliminating any need for another supporting structural steel system.

Warehouse / Office

MSC panels are the concrete solution for enclosing a PEMB structural steel frame building.

Sports Arena

The Home Depot Event Center developed by the Anschutz Group.


Several Universities have selected MSC panels for their campus buildings.


Munger Research Center at the Huntington Library.


MSC panels were used as cladding for this Co- Generation plant.


Larger lighter weight MSC panels can provide for larger window..


A leading nationwide builder has designed and built three new school.

Thin shell Precast Panels

MSC thinshell precast panels are fabricated, delivered and installed or they can be site cast. Thin Shell Precast panels combine 2” or 2 ½” of hard rock concrete with structural steel studs to provide a composite wall panel.

Pre Cast Panels connected to Structural steel Frame