Enclose your building in record time
Enclose your building in record time

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MSC is a cost effective design solution for commercial


Site casting MSC panels remains less expensive.


MSC window panels or spandrel panels can be cast into larger panels.


Many colors, textures, patterns and colors are available.

Precast Wall Panels

Precast wall panels describe several different types panel systems:

A. solid concrete panels, 6” or 8” thick

B. Insulated concrete panels, also known as composite concrete panels usually consisting of 2 whythes of concrete separated by rigid foam insulation . the inside and outside whythes usually 3” to 4” thick are connected by several different proprietary connector types.

Precast wall panel connector types:

  1. steel connector
  2. fiber composite connector
  3. glass fiber polymer connector
  4. carbon fiber connectors

These are sometimes called sandwich concrete panels, all these systems require additional furring on the inside wall for commercial or residential occupancy. Best use for these types of systems is for industrial buildings or warehouse walls.

C. Thin Shell Concrete wall panels, also referred to as composite concrete panels – Metal Stud Crete.

This type of system incorporates a thinner single whythe of concrete usually 2” thick with light gauge steel framing connected to the concrete . This cavity back system can be insulated between the framing members, and the inside wall consisting of steel studs can be enclosed conventionally with dry wall materials, eliminating the need for additional inside furring. This type of panel system weighs about 60% less than solid precast wall or insulated precast walls. This feature reduces the dead load on the superstructure, and therefore can lower the cost of the structural materials used in the superstructure for owners.

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MSC panels are ready for utilities and insulation in stud cavities.


MSC panels integrate light-gauge metal framing with thin-shell.

Green Construction

Lighter weight Metal Stud Crete® panels may contribute toward achieving additional LEED points